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How to verify yourself through the Discord Bot?

Discover how to verify your ownership for a collection's NFTs with the IMX Rarity Discord bot.

profile picture PHP_Sensei January 19, 2022 00:23
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SkarkWare, StarkEx, what's all this?

DIscover StarkWare, the base platform of Immutable X, and its amazing Layer2 & ZK Rollup technology.

profile picture PHP_Sensei December 8, 2021 00:23
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New killer feature on IMX Rarity: rarity checking Discord Bot!

We are pleased to announce the launch of your new rarity / price checking Discord Bot! When integrated on a Discord server, the users can check their assets from the chat directly.

profile picture PHP_Sensei November 23, 2021 09:14
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What is Immutable X?

Discover Immutable X, the first layer 2 for NFTs on Ethereum, with zero gas fees, instant trades, and more.

profile picture PHP_Sensei November 16, 2021 23:13